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HD Movie Film Transfer

Transfer prices start at $0.10 per foot
For large projects, contact a service rep toll free at 866-362-0662.

We use the latest equipment on the market today to effectively transfer 8mm, super 8 and 16mm sound or silent movie film.

All film is captured in 1080 High Definition with a 16:9 aspect ratio and black pillar bars on the left and right sides of the screen to maintain the correct aspect ratio of the film. This transfer is available on a High Definition Blu-Ray Disc, Standard Definition DVD or as files on a customer supplied hard drive.

Our technicians clean and lubricate your film and repair any minor repairable damage. We will splice smaller reels together onto 400 foot reels (7") to minimize handling of film.Your digital transfer will include a personalized start menu and your choice of background music from our music library or yours (on silent film only sound film will have original sound track).
All transfers are done in-house.

Standard Definition Movie Film Transfer
$5.95 Set-up per Standard Definition DVD Master + $0.10 Per Foot
The High definition file is down converted to a standard definition wide screen 16:9 DVD. We recommend the use of a Blu-ray or DVD player with HDMI output and upconverting for outstanding playback on the latest flat screen TVs

client provided external hard drive
DV-AVI (Standard Definition)

High Definition Movie Film Transfer
$19.95 Set-up High Definition Blu-ray Master + $0.12 Per Foot
A Blu-ray player is required for HD playback on the latest flat screen TVs

client provided external hard drive
PRORES (High Definition)
Grass Valley HQX (High Definition)

(8mm, Super 8, 16mm, Silent or Sound film)
A Disc will hold approximately
1200' of 8mm film or super 8 film
2000' of 16mm Film

Personalized Menu Included
Chapter Marks Included
Background Music Included
Film Cleaned and Lubricated Included
Reel Splicing (onto 400' reels) Included
Grain Reduction add $0.05 Per Foot
Color Correction add $0.05 Per Foot
Titles Between Reels $2.50 each
Additional Copy on DVD $5.95 each
Additional Copy on Blu-ray $9.95 each


Plus Shipping and Handling

For more information on Film to DVD Transfer please contact us at

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